Monday, October 24, 2011

And So The Countdown Begins

Once again, we are near the end of October and here's what we HAVEN'T done yet:

  1. Picked out a pumpkin

  2. Carved said pumpkin

  3. Found Boy Pop's Halloween costume


So 2011 is speeding to a close all too quickly. I foolishly believed that once Fall Ball ended, we would have some breathing time. I fear that is not to be and here's why (another numbered list):

  1. Halloween is in ONE WEEK and we've yet to complete the aforementioned Halloween must-dos.

  2. Boy Pop is ring-bearer in a wedding in two short weeks. I just today purchased his clothing. He had nothing. So I bought pants, a shirt, shoes, and a belt at lunch. I'm praying it all fits.

  3. One week after that, Dr Pop is leaving for the better part of a week in Jersey. I don't like when he has overnight business trips. Especially those that last several days. It's too long!

  4. One week after he gets back, we will most likely be hosting Thanksgiving at our house. Last year, we hosted 11 and I cooked every morsel myself. That sound you hear is the very faint sound of my patting myself on the back for that one.

  5. Two weeks after Thanksgiving, we are going away for a week. It will be a fun week full of snow and Christmas and snow-related activities.

  6. One week after we get back from said snow-related activities, it will be Christmas Eve.

  7. Then? The last week of 2011.

  8. Do you know how I plan to spend the final week of 2011?

  9. At. Home. Not. Working.

  10. Gotta love corporate holidays and very strategic vacation planning.

I need a nap.

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