Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who Am I?

Hmmm... I realized that there is never enough room or time on the blogger template to really go into detail as to who I am and why this blog exists.

Here goes.

I'm a thirtysomething wife and mother of one little boy. For a while, I was a realtor and a stay at home mother, but now I work in technology sales. I've had three unique careers in the past 10 years, and flit among them with alarming speed. I once was a middle school teacher. I don't believe I'll flit back to that if at all possible. I have been spectacularly blonde since 1999. Prior to that, I was not-so-spectacularly blonde, and sometimes, I had my natural haircolor. I think it was a light brown. I cannot really remember unless I see a picture. My mamma raised me up right, though, so from an early age, I learned to appreciate that a woman's hairdresser is her first line of defense in the struggle to look good.

I started this blog for many reasons, although someone once accused me of being a copycat. That simply was not the case. I'm incredibly behind the times and honestly had never heard of this crazy technology that enabled ME, some nobody from Texas, to have my own website. For FREE. I thought I needed to learn some code, join some club, pay money, etc. When I found out that I was wrong, I started a blog. Then deleted it. Then started over and slowly added ones to the mix. This was in early 2005.

I have been married since March 1, 2003 and my first date with my husband was July 1, 2001. We have a little boy who knocks my socks off on a continual basis. I have no online written chronicles of my life before Dr Pop and Boy Pop, and very little from the Boy's first year, but if you look really hard, you can find some stories that allude to those times. The first year of marriage was hard. The first year of motherhood was harder.

My family is the #1 most important thing in my life. Period. Don't mess with it. I will hurt you. Consider yourself warned. And contrary to popular corporate belief, if your family is NOT numero uno, then you are one seriously messed up little cookie.

As a side note, I am loudly opinionated. But I will be the first to admit when I'm wrong if you offer evidence and proof of that being so. Mostly, though? I'm right. If you are offended by my potty mouth, you are welcome to not read me. I am equally mushy and crass in my writing. And I talk about drinking, romance, and most of the thoughts that I have that I can't get out any other way. I don't really want to get into debates about things I'm passionate about, but that you disagree with. I'd much rather just agree to disagree. It makes life much more pleasant.
I've told a few people from my "real" life about this blog. If I know you, and you accidentally find this, don't be offended that I didn't share this with you. The more people I know "out there" who know about this, well, the more I will feel the need to censor myself. I don't want to do that if I don't have to.

I would love to one day be able to earn money from writing. I am incredibly lazy, though. This might pose a problem. Then again, if it meant not sitting in a cubicle all day, I may manage to overcome said laziness.

I enjoy wine, frozen screwdrivers, Texas Longhorn football, reality TV, baking things, and playing with my boys. Oh, and pizza. LOVE pizza!