Monday, September 29, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

So, I've been contemplating doing this ever since I saw it on Sticky Feather's blog. Since I consider myself the queen of all to-do lists, it seemed right up my alley. 101 Things to do in 1001 days! Fits right in with my propensity for lists and procrastination! Whoo Hoo!

Can I just say here and now that it was not easy to come up with those 101 things! I felt I needed to put some time and thought into each item, and limit the frivolous things where I could. Some of these, now that I look at them, are a little, shall we say, immeasurable? And some of my goals are really, really lofty. I mean, I haven't managed to do some of these things in the past five years, why on earth do I think I'll get them done in the next two and three quarters years?

Well, for one, having a printed list is like a dare to me. And I love dares. So I'm daring myself to do all of these things in the next 1001 days (complete by June 26, 2011 - hopefully much, much sooner!).

1. Successfully complete a National Novel Writing Month
2. Clean out office Done!
3. Move Joey's room to the office
4. Turn playroom into office/playroom
5. Redecorate upstairs living room
6. Pursue new career path
7. Finish Joey's baby book
8. Put all loose photos into photo albums
9. Take a photography class
10. Go on a girls trip
11. Donate my time/money/goods to a good cause In progress
12. Put 10% of my paycheck into savings each pay period
13. Open up a savings account for my child
14. Pay off any outstanding credit cards
15. Complete a craft project with my son
16. Quit a bad habit
17. Go on a family vacation with just my husband and son
18. Completely organize all areas of my home
19. Have a garage sale
20. Clean out the attic
21. Go on a picnic
22. Create a photo book
23. Make a blurb book
24. Get rid of the monster TV upstairs Done!
25. Redecorate my bedroom
26. Take yoga classes
27. Go to a wedding
28. Get laser hair removal
29. Get a chemical peel
30. Enroll my son in martial arts classes
31. Try a new recipe Done!
32. Turn Boy Pop's art into collages
33. Meet a blogger friend in person
34. Go to Mexico
35. Reorganize, clean out, and store Joey's toys
36. Go on a ski vacation Done!
37. Attend a concert
38. Get a manicure
39. Get a pedicure
40. Get regular beauty treatments
41. Keep up with all thank you notes
42. Surprise my husband
43. Replace the wheels in the garage
44. Clean out closets
45. Clean out the garage
46. Buy a bicycle Done!
47. Successfully bake a pie from scratch (crust included)
48. Take my vitamins every day
49. Go to a fall festival
50. Go to a winter carnival
51. Organize my recipes into a recipe book
52. Look into publishing
53. Write more
54. Whine less
55. Read a self-help book
56. Read the Maximum Ride series
57. Finish Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
58. Update fashion and reading blog
59. Update exercise blog more often
60. Window treatments
61. Exercise regularly
62. Save more money
63. Get Photoshop
64. Print and frame pictures artfully
65. Take a family portrait
66. Send out a holiday card for a holiday other than Christmas
67. Create my own calendar
68. Keep my son's hair trimmed
69. Comment at least once on every blog I read
70. Volunteer for a political campaign
71. Give an anonymous gift
72. Keep up with the animal-created poop in the litter box and back yard
73. Do something "outdoorsy"
74. Spend an obscene amount of money on an outfit
75. Blog every day for a month
76. Run a 5K
77. Buy a stash of birthday and occasion cards so that I will not be without one when I need it
78. Adopt a family at Christmas
79. Transfer my wedding video to DVD
80. Let go of pieces of paper
81. Visit NYC with my husband
82. Ruthlessly clean out my clothes
83. Cure the "blondarexia" and heal my hair
84. Maintain healthy hair
85. Either sell or use my fine china
86. Replace bake ware
87. Buy new kitchen knives
88. Keep photo CDs up to date
89. Upload pictures into Kodak Gallery
90. Take Joey to the Dinoland exhibit
91. Go to the Trail of Lights at least one time
92. Take more home movies
93. Read and review half of the books on my nightstand
94. Toss out old makeup, cosmetics, and toiletries
95. Go to a gun range and shoot a gun
96. Go a week without hitting the snooze button
97. Get up and walk before work
98. Go on a bike ride with my husband and son Done!
99. Have a girls' night out
100. Recycle
101. Go to church every Sunday for three months

Check back for updates!

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Binary Blonde said...

Wow, that's some list! I'd start one, too, but I'm afraid I'd totally forget about getting any of it done with the day to day life of being a new mom. Though, maybe it'll be motivational...

Anyway, you can probably cross of meeting a blogger friend in person sooner than most of the rest. We live in the same city! Heck, I just saw the banner for Dinoland while driving up MoPac North on my way to the chiropractor. Looks like fun!!! :)