Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lather, Rinse, Repeat*

So. Today is Groundhog Day and I might be the only person on the planet who is happy that he saw his shadow. Where I live, we do not have much of a winter, normally. No snow, 60-ish degrees, etc. To some people, that might sound like heaven (my apologies to you folks living in cold locales). To me, though, it is mundane. Repetitive. A level zero on the excitement scale.

I like things that are out of the ordinary to shake life up a bit. Travel helps with that, but what I really like are those times when the day-to-day takes a brief pause and then goes a bit nuts for a minute or two. That's why I am glad that we will most likely see six more weeks of winter down here instead of an early spring. Those six weeks give the weather a chance to happen. Dammnit! I want an ice day! I want an extra day to work from home and to keep Boy Pop home from school! So there!

Plus, when you get to experience ALL the seasons, you can truly appreciate each one. I cannot wait for that first gorgeous and warm spring day. I'm looking forward to sitting outside and having a nice meal and maybe a drink or two on that day. But not before it's time. I'm weird like that. I don't want that day to come before my stay-home ice day.

Don't get me wrong. I like mundane most days. After all, the little routines are what make up the day to day life. Those first few minutes of the day when I'm trying to get my baby boy out of bed and ready for school, work, coming home to my family, sitting on the couch and watching a reality show, playing, laughing, eating, playing games on my phone, swatting my husband's behind as he walks by, watching them fly remote control helicopters, tae kwon do, t ball, running, etc, etc, etc... This is my life and it is darn good.

But every now and then we all need a little excitement to shake things up a bit, or else we will all be living in the cycle of a particular movie named after today. That is part of the reason I love my husband so much... He gets it. He likes the out of the ordinary as much as I do. And if we cannot get a winter here, then by DAMN! We'll just go to an ice bar in Vegas!
*Another rambling post by your's truly with no real point other than hey! I like to travel and I like cold weather and I love my life!

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