Friday, February 05, 2010

Did I Ever Tell Y'all About Thanksgiving?

No? Well, it was definitely out of the ordinary for this family. We went to Playa. I know, I know... Playa itself is not out of the ordinary. Going during Thanksgiving, bringing Boy Pop, and going with my parents, though? Well *that* is definitely a new experience!

If you guessed that it was a great trip, then you guessed correctly! We all had a ball! Boy Pop declared that he wanted to live there. My parents were impressed by the resort. Everyone was relaxed and it was an all-around relaxing trip. I was surprised considering that I tend to get a tiny little bit stressed out when vacationing with my parents.

My dad told Dr Pop and I that he could not remember a time in his life where he spent more than two consecutive days doing nothing. This man is a hard worker! And even his vacations turn into work because they always have to GO! And DO! And EXPLORE! And OMG, I'm exhausted just thinking about it! I know how they are, though, having grown up and gone on vacations with them. Every single place is treated as though we will never return, so we have to squeeze every single drop of sightseeing, museum hopping, ruins-finding fun out of every single minute of every single day.

That's not how I roll anymore. Dr Pop cured me of that. On our vacations, we sleep. We eat. We lay out on the beach, then move to the pool. We go out to eat and find local bars to hang out at. Sometimes, we will take a day trip somewhere. Explore something new. And this trip? Was no different. And my parents adapted extremely well to the doing of the nothing.

I thought it was all so very amazing until I realized one important detail... Just watching Boy Pop swim and play and run and build sandcastles and perform on stage? Well, that is enough to keep anyone entertained for a week!

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