Thursday, May 08, 2008

In Which I Use Parenthesis... A lot...

I interrupt this work day to... Take a break from working!

I have really been holding my shit together at work this week, but it has not been an easy road. I've been backing up a person who's been in Europe all week and I cannot wait for him to get back. He'll be back on Monday. Hooray! On top of him being out, two of my overlay specialists have been out (one all week, too and one just today and tomorrow). It's been crazy-busy at work for just those reasons.

Of course, that isn't all that has been going on up in here. A complete reorganization of my business division occurred Friday and Monday, resulting in lots of upheaval and a few faces gone.

Yesterday, was "clean sweep" day (fitting, eh?) and there was a clean row contest. I took charge and ended up winning the "Clean Leader" award, so yay me! If only I could channel the cleaning into my own home. But a 4x2 space is much simpler to organize than 3000 square feet! So oh well!

On the home front, yesterday a playscape arrived. Boy Pop played on it for HOURS. He woke up in the middle of the night (twice!) with leg cramps. Since the summer heat is now officially upon us (I think the high on Sunday is projected to be 99), we need to re-think hydration. Or maybe it's growing pains. I don't know. All I know is this... I thought the days of being woken up multiple times by a crying child in the middle of the night were long behind me. I was oh, so wrong.

Finally, Dr Pop was at it again on Tuesday... He couldn't help himself! The whole family now has Razor scooters! Except the adults' versions are electric. I can fit Boy Pop in front with me and we can zip down the sidewalk at alarming rates of speed. If you live in my neighborhood, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

And tonight I really do need to buckle down and deep clean my house. Family is coming in for Mother's Day weekend and it's a complete and total wreck! Ugh.


Binary Blonde said...

Wow, sounds like some week you've had! I'll bet you'd be saying TGIF if you didn't have to deep clean the house - ugh.

BTW, I gots to get me a ride on one of those scooters!

Mrs Pop said...

It was definitely a tough one. So I decided to just wipe down the counters and dust and vacuum and call it even. ;-)

Anytime on the scooters! And now we're thinking about getting gas-powered ones because these don't hold much of a charge (of course, they are used, so we might just need new batteries).