Tuesday, May 06, 2008

She Got This One W.R.O.N.G.

I'm sorry, but Dr. Laura is way off base on this one!

First of all, I am a complete Dr. Laura fan. I have read several of her books and I give her credit for her advice on sustaining a happy marriage, taking personal responsibility for your actions, protecting our children, etc.

With that said, I could not disagree more with her latest blog about the Miley Cyrus photos.

I'm not going to repeat her entire post here, you can go read it if you like. But to counter her points:

1) Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christin Aguilera, et. al. actually were innocent and portrayed as such during their times as Mouseketeers for Disney. When they went their separate ways and began their music careers, their profiles took a different, sometimes trainwrecky turn.

2) Instead of blaming Vanity Fair for trying to sell magazines or a 15-year-old child for exploiting her own sexuality, try listening to your own words of wisdom... At 15, Miley Cyrus is a MINOR. At 15, her parents were AT the photo shoot. At 15, her parents ALLOWED the pictures to be taken.

For all of your talk about protecting our children, you did not ask the most important question in the content of your blog... Why didn't her parents protect her?

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emily said...

I read the whole story and I agree with you. Her parents were there-it's thier responsibility. I saw the picture and I thought it was kinda tame (comparitively-I mean, she had SOMETHING on).

But it does come down to selling magazines. And selling Miley/Hannah. She's a brand and a business and they're making money. I can't say I'd make the same choice with my daughter, but they're playing the game.

I feel bad for Miley though because she IS just a girl. She felt special that this famous photographer wanted to take her picture, and then she felt pretty and grown up and probably sexy like most 15 year olds want to feel. She couldn't have known the backlash coming at her. B/c no matter how long she's been in the business, she's still a kid.

SOOOO long! Sorry.