Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Type, type, type... Delete, delete, delete

In the past week, I've written long, drawn-out tomes on the following topics:

Bret Michaels
Reality TV
Britney Spears
Junk food

Not one of the above was fit to post and now I'm suffering from writer's cramp (my brain is cramping under the pressure I've put upon myself to write something, ANYTHING! worth reading). So I will just be random. In other words, THIS WILL BE A NORMAL POST!

I spend way too much time focusing on the latest celebrity antics as evidenced by an email my husband sent me this morning to tell me that the fed cut the interest rates... I thought to myself, "Well yeah, but Britney showed up for a custody hearing! So. Much. More. Important."

Dr Pop sent me a quiz yesterday to find out who I match up with politically. Since it was sent to him by my "hated enemy" I will not post that exact link here. Here's essentially the same link, but I found it on a different affiliate website. ;-) http://ktbc.4wmt.com/cmm/

I pretty much know where my vote is going in the Primary election and, given various contingencies, I have a top 4 list of the candidates who will get my vote in November. The fact that I have been able to find so many options is telling. Basically, no one really stands out as outstanding to me this year. Quite a few stand out as terrible choices, but no one rises to the top. What a sad, sad election year.

Oh. You saw that thing I said about having an enemy. I don't. Not really. There are a few people whose company I don't go out and seek, though. And a few people out there who would not see me cry if karma catches up to them. But no enemies per se. I just choose for my personal life to seek out people who hold the same things I hold dear...

You don't see much political ranting on here because I'm mostly, "Don't ask, don't tell." I'd rather not know where you lean because that way we won't be drawn into a heated war of words resulting in the end of a great acquaintance. I like to agree to disagree on most things and you won't really see me rear up until you start extolling the virtues of abortion at will, government mandated socialism, and higher taxes.

I'm still kind of cranky. I don't know what's wrong with me other than a perpetual beat-down at work that is not fun. Well that, eating junk when I know I shouldn't, and sitting on the couch or at the computer when I know I should be shakin' it with Chalene.

I never feel better than when I am working out. Gotta love those endorphins! And working out and eating right helps get those nasty fast-food toxins right out of my system. You'd think I'd "get" it by now. Intellectually, I do get it. It's in practice where I slack off. But we will be planning our summer vacation soon, and the last thing I want is to be starving myself before we go so that I can look just right in my sundresses.

Maybe we can discuss trainwreck reality TV at a later date. I need to go read the Wall Street Journal or something!


emily said...

The French stripper put chocolate on her breasts and pushed them against the glass!!!

I haven't been working out since xmas and I feel awful. I decided against working out again this morning and then put on my shorts and tank right away (wet hair and all) and jogged a quick mile. Better than nothing, I suppose. And you're right-I do feel much better.

In Utah you have to be a party member to vote in the primary. (i think). I'm registered independent so i'm on hold til the big election. sad that I kinda think i'm off the hook. no one really ahead for me either.

Mrs Pop said...

Swear to all that's holy, he's is a skank-hunter! I simply cannot look away... And now I'm hooked on the Scott Baio show...

Good for you to get your workout in! You are making me feel guilty. ;-)

In Texas, you can choose either the Democrat or Republican primary, but don't have to "register" as one or the other. I figure I'm more Libertarian than anything, but Ron Paul is not my guy.