Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Holy Smokes, y’all! Have I got a TON of picture downloading/backing-up to do! I have not backed up a picture since December. Ugh!

Last night, my darling little baby boy lost his second tooth. It’s been hanging in there for several weeks without coming out, so last night, Boy Pop decided (and was encouraged) to give it some really good yanks. And he did. Only he couldn’t get it all the way out, so Dr Pop finished the job. That would be TWO teeth my baby has lost before he’s even turned 6! Both of his bottom front teeth are now gone, making way for his permanent teeth.

I have both teeth in a little bag in my dresser. I remember the day he got them. March 2nd, 2004. Texas Independence Day. He cried all day long and then my maid, who witnessed his fussiness told me to feel in his mouth. Two little teeth were budding up.


I wish I could go back and visit that time. We had some hard, tough days during Boy Pop’s first year and a half, and I definitely do not want to relive those! But the thing that keeps bugging me, has been on my mind just about every single day of my child’s life, is that I did not fully appreciate the time I had with my son. I don’t fully appreciate the time I have. There’s always something that absolutely must be done right this second! There is always something going on that takes (took) priority over simply being with him. I mean come ON! That house won’t clean itself, the laundry won’t wash itself, the money won’t earn itself, our food won’t cook itself…

And the guilt is overwhelming. I live with guilt every day of my life. Self-imposed guilt. That I’m not good enough for him. That all the things we do together are not enough. That we only get to do things together after I get home from work. That I slip up most of the time and don’t make my family sit down together for dinner every single night. The list goes on and on.

The reality is that my child is a happy, well-adjusted, independent, healthy 5 (and three quarters!) year old. He will soon graduate to his green belt in Tiny Tigers Tae Kwon Do. He will be starting kindergarten in under two months. In a very short period of time, a flash, really, he has gone from relying on me for his very existence to pulling out his own teeth without hesitation.


Anonymous said...

this post made my eyes well up with tears. oh, the guilt of motherhood. i carry it with me every day...


Binary Blonde said...

This hit home with me too.. the guilt thing.. and I stay home with him all day!

And, wow, congrats on your little guy losing his teeth! I guess the tooth fairy visited him? Or do parents still do that nowadays? Haha!

It's so surreal to think about.. I can't even imagine Binary Boy losing his teeth because he literally just got them!

It all goes by so fast. I think it's why my blogging pretty much came to a halt.. so I could maximize my time with him. And it's why I could probably wallpaper the Empire State Building with the amount of photos I've already taken of him.

By the way, hot enough out there for ya? GAH!

Mrs Pop said...

It is crazy! And it is so hard to find the time to get it all done in a day. I have literally hundreds of unfinished projects all over the place because there is simply no time. At least, no time if I want to:
1) Spend time with my family
2) Earn a living
3) Stay in shape
4) Cook dinner most nights
5) Keep my house from being in a constant state of hurricane-level disaster