Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey Jessica! Guess Who Was In Town?

My Dad! ;)

A little background... For the longest time, Dr Pop and I have been dealing with the drama of having a very light-colored wall under our bar. We entertain from the kitchen, and our barstools get a lot of use.

Naturally, when you have a light color, it tends to get dirty. Keeping those three walls clean has become such a trial! We've scrubbed and we've painted. And then we've done it all again. And again.

So Dr Pop and I decided that we were going to do something with that dang wall. We talked about painting it a color. We talked about doing a plaster/paint effect on it. We talked about tile. Enter my parents. Who pretty much said that the whole tile thing wouldn't work.

Then my dad remembered what he did to their bar. And also to my brother's bar.

So on Saturday, my dad brought down the new raised panels that he is installing onto the front of my bar walls.

He worked most of Saturday morning on it and got the two side pieces installed. He's coming back next weekend to finish it up.

I love having such a wonderful father! His payment was what he wants most of the time... A weekend with his best buddy... Boy Pop!


Karly said...

I'm SO going to steal this idea! Wish Chester had time to spend at my house, too!

Mrs Pop said...

I told my dad that you wanted the idea (and to borrow him). I think it made him happy. : )

I'll post pictures of the finished product. I'm not sure if you remember my brother's bar, but instead of the raised panels that he's doing for me, he did cabinet door fronts. Also awesome.

Annie MacKenzie said...

Awww so sweet