Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet Iggy

This past weekend, the Pop family took a much-needed break from the chaos that is organized t-ball, Tae Kwon Do, pre-kindergarten graduation, an over abundunace of family intrusion, and extremely stressful work life to spend Memorial Day weekend in Mazatlan. This trip was the first time Dr Pop and I took Boy Pop with us to Mexico. I have so many pictures and stories to tell, but I thought I'd start with one of our lunchtime visitors.

Meet "Iggy":

This iguana was hanging out in the bushes next to our lunch table on Sunday. He barely took any notice of the three of us, so I took the opportunity to run and get my camera. Boy Pop and Dr Pop took the same opportunity to try to feed him.

Unfortunately, the birds swooped down and stole every french fry they threw his way. Getting tired of this, the iguana moved from his position in the sun, through the bushes, and under the barrier fencing.

He wanted to get closer to the action:

Boy Pop decided to call him Iggy and proceeded to feed him about half of his french fries and a good portion of his ham sandwich! We got tons of video of the entire process, but for some reason I cannot get it to play right. So you'll have to settle for a picture or two.

Iggy the Iguana hung out with us for a good 20 minutes. He kept waiting for more food. But I think he must have finally gotten full! A bunch of french fries and some ham will probably do that. And yes, I know I should be appalled that my son fed part of his lunch to a wild iguana rather than eat it himself, but on vacation normal rules do not apply.

Iggy was one happy iguana and my kid was ecstatic! I think he wants one for a pet now. Lord help me!

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