Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living in the Shallow End Some Days

It seems my days lately are filled to the brim with work, t-ball, Tae Kwon Do, dinner, laundry, and the like. I used to update this blog on an almost daily basis and now I consider it a victory if I can make it a weekly thing. Looking at the date of my last post, I even failed at that. The busier my real life gets, the more my writing and escape hatch suffers. Oh well.

Last week, my friend Jessica posted my blog about facebook and girlfriends on her facebook page. I received more hits on my blog in one day than I had the entire month before. Thanks Jess! That was really cool. I was pretty honored that a woman who does pretty well for herself by writing actually thought my little story was good. You’d think with that kind of press and all those new people, I could have updated, huh? You’d be wrong. I can't even download pictures to my computer!

I have approximately eleven million pictures on my digital camera that require downloading, backing up, and uploading to facebook, Kodak Gallery, and here. It’s sort of overwhelming. Plus, when I went to my parents’ house for Easter, I found a proverbial gold mine of old photos, including my wedding pictures. I now have all my wedding pictures in digital format. It’s pretty awesome. And we are about to add to the masses of photos pretty soon.

Dr Pop, Boy Pop, and I have planned a trip to Mazatlan for Memorial Day weekend. It will be the first time we have taken Boy Pop with us to Mexico. I am pretty excited about it, but of course, all this brou-ha-ha about the swine flu has put a bit of a black cloud over everything. I seriously doubt that all the deaths in Mexico that they “suspect” to be related to this new illness are truly the swine flu. It’s just a hunch. We don’t want to cancel our trip, but we don’t want to get sick, either. Oh well, we have a month…

Speaking of, over on the right hand side, I have a link to my workout blog. To tell you the truth, I rarely update it anymore (I mean, c’mon! I don’t update *this* blog often, so why would I update a secondary one more?). It’s fairly seasonal. I get all gung-ho and start working out around February or March, to prepare for our annual pilgrimage to a Mexico beach in May. This year, we took our trip at the end of February, so my workout timing got all screwed up. And my typical modus operandi is to work out like a fiend up until the trip, then not do a whole helluva lot the rest of the year. Healthy? No. The right thing to do? Doubtful. But it is what it is. And this year has been no exception. So I’ve been sitting on my ass (read, toting my boy to t-ball and martial arts and cooking dinner and everything else) and not working out.

*Embarrassing confession alert!* Imagine my surprise when I got on the scale the other day and it was about 10 pounds heavier than it should have been! I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was! So yesterday, I finally got off my butt and got it running. I am terribly sore today. But I’m motivated. And motivation is key. We never do anything without proper motivation. Working out is no exception. Two things motivate me to exercise: The thought of being in a bikini and the thought that I might run into someone I dislike when I'm not looking my best.

It's a girl thing, I think. You know what I'm talking about ladies, right? For me, it is always being "on" if I think that there is a chance that I might run into someone I don't like when I'm out and about. I know it is shallow. Jen Lancaster wrote about this on her blog a while ago, before her book Such A Pretty Fat came out and it really hit home. Having a nemesis is motivational sometimes. They don’t even have to know that they are motivating you. For me, it just won’t do to have this particular chica be in better shape than me. So when I feel myself slipping, I remind myself that I could be embarrassed should our paths cross.

Whatever works. Although, when I posted on twitter that I was running instead of doing Turbo Jam and did that count? Someone actually replied to me that of course it did and I should gradually up my intensity. It was so cute. They have obviously never read anything I’ve ever written before and didn’t know that I was being sort of sarcastic and that my question was rather rhetorical. Oh well. I thought it was sweet.

I definitely have more to say, but I just cannot form sentences at the moment. My sales quarter at work is going to end in three and a half days. I’d better focus on closing some of my outstanding deals instead of writing more.

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Annie MacKenzie said...

I completely feel the same away about running into someone and wanting to look your best ... especially on the beach.