Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Hi!

How ya been? I've been great. Still having writer's block. But not really writer's block. More like, I have so much to say that I cannot put two coherent sentences together these days to actually tell you about it all.

I guess sometimes you let it go for so long that when you finally get around to updating, it is just so overwhelming! I mean, I have MONTHS of updates to do! Or so it seems...

So. We went to Vegas in February. Dr Pop's company paid for the whole thing, put us up in a suite at the Wynn, gave us gambling money, bought us dinner for two nights, took us to see La Reve, and allowed us to party our arses off. We both won pretty big on the Craps tables. And I hit a couple of times on the slot machines. So this trip goes on record as the first time we have left Vegas without spending a penny of our own money and still came home ahead on gambling. Pretty damned cool. I can see how a person could become addicted to the life.

While we were in Vegas, my parents were with Boy Pop, who was getting used to his cast. Stupid broken ankle! It took four different doctors with three different opinions, to finally get an acceptable and agreed-upon timeframe for the cast. Four weeks. This past Tuesday, he finally had it removed. Hooray! While he was in the cast, he managed to still get his orange belt in Tae Kwon Do Tiny Tigers, AND play t-ball with a pinch runner. Nope. The cast didn't slow this child down one tiny bit! Thank heavens!

After Vegas, we came home for two very hectic days. My parents stayed with us while we both worked, washed a ton of laundry, and packed for a week in Mexico. I don't know if I mentioned this before or not, but we went back to the same resort where Dr Pop and I were married 6 years ago. This trip we celebrated by going to the wedding of two dear friends.
It was fun exploring the resort (The Moon Palace, if you're interested) and seeing the changes that have taken place between visits. Our first visit to the resort was in July of 2001, after Dr Pop and I had been dating for about three weeks. At the time there was a casino on-site. I have an almost-identical picture to the one above, taken 8 years ago, sitting in a frame in my office at home.

It was also fun to see that some things have not changed. Things like the cool swing bar at one of the pools at the resort. We made sure that we took our friends to it. A lot of things have changed over the years, but they still managed to keep some things true to the past...

I have a picture like this from my own wedding. I call these the "kissing chairs" because they are set up so that you sit next to one another and facing one another. Behind us is the gazebo where Dr Pop and I said our vows six years ago. It has changed, but our memories have not.
The past month has been a whirlwind and I cannot believe that only three months into 2009, I've already burned through over half of my vacation time! Oh well. It was definitely worth it.
I do have to say that something was definitely missing from this trip, though. I don't think I've ever felt the absence quite so deeply when Dr Pop and I have been on one of our getaways before, either.
Boy Pop.
His passport is now in process. We don't want to leave him behind next time (even if we are leaving him with his grandparents who take him on "safaris" in Texas or to Six Flags or Sea World or any of the other myriad of activities they plan).
I have more to say (of course I do!), so stay tuned...

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