Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's So Good To Be Home...

So good, in fact, that Dr Pop and I are already planning our next adventure!

This time, we will be taking Boy Pop with us, though.

Vegas was incredible, as was Mexico. I'll have pictures, soon, I promise!

Boy Pop's ankle is healing. He has two more weeks in the cast (a pediatric orthopedic surgeon confirmed a break and extended the cast time), but that hasn't slowed him down ONE BIT. We are constantly reminding him to not run. He will be getting his orange belt (the ATA "Tiny Tiger" orange belt) at the end of the month and had his first t-ball scrimmage yesterday. He played catcher for one inning and left field the other two. And he hit the snot out of the ball!

What was especially cute yesterday, though, was the fact that he had his own pinch runner.

I'm so far not too much of a fan of the moms, though. There are less than a handful who deign to speak to me. Maybe it's because we missed the first practices and no one knows us yet. I'm not sure. But I did not enjoy my interactions with them yesterday evening. Not one little bit! I'm sure it will get better though.

I have a ton of pictures to download and upload. And a ton of work that I'm just now getting caught up on (that's what happens when you are gone for the better part of two weeks, I suppose).

When things settle down, I'll write a nice and proper post. Promise!

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