Monday, February 09, 2009

Good News!

Not long after posting my below rant-ish post, my company sent out a corporate-wide email, stating that they were reducing the paybacks for everyone who was in my predicament!



Anonymous said...

YAY !!!!

This is your birthday month ? Which day ?

My birthday is on the 23rd.

Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Pop !!!!


Mrs Pop said...

I did a happy dance.

Yep. Mine's the 28th. One of my good friends has a birthday on the 23rd. Another just had one. Another has one on the 14th. Yep. February is definitely the BEST month! (despite the early-month stress!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, a happy dance counts as exercise, so yeah you ! lol

So, we get birthday presents AND Valentine day presents as well. Double whammy. Woo Hoo !

Annie MacKenzie said...

So glad the company is going to help out a little. Have a great birthday!