Tuesday, October 28, 2008


About a month or so (I don't remember the exact date) before Boy Pop's birthday, we ran out of pull-ups. Boy Pop had been wearing pull-ups to bed because he was still occasionally having issues "holding it" all night long. But then we ran out of them and didn't realize it until bed time.

So, we let the boy sleep in his underwear. Dr Pop and I took great pains to make sure his little bladder was as empty as possible, forcing the poor child to go to the bathroom multiple times before going to bed.

The next morning, Boy Pop was dry as a bone! And again the following morning, and the morning after that, and so on, until him wearing underwear and not a pull-up was just normal.

Every now and then, I'd think to myself, "I wonder how long it's been since Boy Pop wet the bed?" but I'd never voice my thoughts. I figured it didn't really matter. What really mattered was the fact that it was natural and Boy Pop wasn't thinking about it. None of us thought about it.

Then, on Sunday, the words were uttered. "Boy Pop, it's been over two months since you've wet the bed." Now, I'm not gonna say who uttered the words, but I will say that my first reaction was to say, "UNJINX, UNJINX, UNJINX!!!" over and over again in my head.

Well, you can guess what happened next, can't you?

For the past two nights, Boy Pop has wet the bed.

[Beats head against the desk multiple times]

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Pitter Patter said...

i think that is an unwritten law of parenting! it NEVER fails that when i voice something like that.... i have just undone it!! just this morning i commented on how the dog hadn't had an accident in a while. yep, diarrhea on the carpet 30 minutes later.