Friday, October 24, 2008

Are You Sufficiently Annoyed Yet?

I know, I know... Politics on a "mommy" blog are so very wrong. Sorry. Wait. No I'm not... I'm just some crazy right-wing nutjob who cannot see the forest for the trees. I need someone in New York or California to tell me what to think. I live in a "Red" state and therefore have no edumacation or proper world view.
This post is in honor of everyone who thinks we should make our Presidential selection based upon America's reputation in the rest of the world.
I call bullshit. They may not like the US, but they sure like our money. They may disapprove of war, but they sure liked the freedom we've given them.
Don't like us? Don't take our money and fight your own battles.
Good luck with that!


Hruška said...
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Hruška said...

I love the image, and I completely agree with you on this post. I don't have the nerves to really get into politics on my blog, or even with my friends (who are all Obama followers) because I do not need the rise in blood pressure from that stress, especially being pregnant right now. Note that I agree with a previous post where you say you are voting for the lesser of two evils, I have been saying that since the candidates were chosen by their respective parties. Unfortunately it looks as if my birthday (Nov 4th) is not going to bring a very good present this year other than possibly my daughter (due Nov 5th). I have to say Mrs. Pop I have been lurking on your blog and while I have my girl crush on Jessica Gottlieb, you are definitely winning my heart.