Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

Why is it that the weekends seem to get shorter and shorter these days?

This past weekend was the first in a little while that included no set plans or places to be and that was just how I liked and wanted it.

We ended up spending the bulk of our weekend with some new old friends. We all drank way too much and continued to wonder why we hadn't been hanging out more before now. After all, we've known them ever since our boys were at Mother's Day Out together more than three years ago.

Our children played together for hours and hours and there were only three injuries (two were because of "play" fighting... the boys are obsessed with the UFC and don't know their own strength, and one was caused by running and falling on top of a mass of toys).

I love boys. They are so much fun!

Of course, my boy had to pay for the over-indulgence of the weekend and was a little sick today.

I've been in a somewhat cranky mood for the past week or so. It has nothing to do with home and everything to do with work. I won't get into it here because Big Brother IT can and probably does read everything. Suffice to say that getting blamed for someone else's mistake and incompetence is grating. Getting blamed because someone cannot enter in an address on an online order form correctly is even more grating. Doing the same people favors in an effort to fix their problems without so much as a "thank you for all your help" makes me want to slam my fist into my desk. Dealing with unresponsive folks who cannot do their jobs properly just piles it on more. Add in a week of PMS, and, well, you get the idea. Since I'm on working day 6 and counting of this crap happening, I'm more than a little out of sorts!

But all of the frustrations go by the wayside when I think about my fabulous husband and child I get to go home to see... And to top it all off, in one month, Dr Pop and I will be headed back to...


Thanks for the trip, honey! XOXOXO!

It's gonna be []D [] []v[] []D!!!


Binary Blonde said...

Vegas is fun! You'll have a blast! When was the last time you were there?

It changed every single time we went.

We used to go to Vegas every year when we lived in So Cal, but it got a little old so we took car trips up the coast instead during the last 2 years we lived there. :)

Mrs Pop said...

I love Vegas! But only in small doses. We took a last-minute trip out there at the end of January and have been several times before that.

Last time we went, we never went outside! Well, unless you count the outside bar at Mix. ;)

Here are pics from that trip.