Thursday, July 31, 2008


I get comfortable in a place and have a hard time moving out of it. Sometimes I need a good push to move myself forward.

I am complacent in my little world. I am happy and content with my personal life and comfortable professionally.

While I don't believe the personal side of things needs change, I know in my professional/working world (and have known for a long time) that I want to do something... Different.

Can someone please come light a fire under my ass to get this done? Or at least hand me a book of matches so I can do it myself? I seem to have lost mine.


Binary Blonde said...

I'm not sure I know you well enough to give you one of my infamous (as my mother and husband describe) "pep talks".

However, I can tell you that I would much rather read about actual positive change happening in your career and not career blahdom. You're way too *energetic* for blahdom. ;)

So, what's it going to be? Healthy, positive change or blahdom?

Mrs Pop said...

Let me get over my disgust at the "end of quarter free lunch" that is being offered today and then I'll decide. ;)