Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vacation Recap and Photos (Round 3)

Round 1 is here.
Round 2 is here.

Hmm... I was digging through all 360 pictures for something to put up from days 5 and 6 (or Tuesday and Wednesday of last week) and I found very little. I guess that could be because we were sort of lazy on those two days. Tuesday (Day 5) was spent mostly in bed or on the porch, reading. In fact, I finished two books on Tuesday! That was the first time in quite a while I've actually sat down and finished a book. Being the avid reader that I am, it was quite refreshing to lose myself in a book for a while and not have to worry about cleaning my house, or making dinner, or working.

On Wednesday, Dr Pop slept in and I met up with Jason and Renee, and we made tentative plans to rent a car the next day and drive down to the ruins at Tulum and snorkel at the Xel-Ha ecopark.

This next part might suprise you... I love renting a car when we are down on the Mexican coast. First of all, it is super-easy to get around down there as there is only one main highway. Secondly, renting a car and doing your own thing as opposed to paying for an all-day bus excursion and having to ultimately do what the majority of a group wants to do is what I prefer. I hate being held accountable to a timetable when on vacation.

Thursday, the weather was actually rainy for part of the day, too. Of course, it did not matter because we spent the better part of the day in the water, snorkeling. We did, however, see several tornados form in the distant sky. Strangely enough, instead of being frightened, we took pictures and pointed. You can see at least three in the above photo.

Dr Pop and I had done this same outing once before, back in 2001. I was pretty much a scaredy cat and allowed myself to get into a hyperventilating stupor, so I quit the snorkel halfway through and made him go on by himself. I resolved this year to not do that. But damn, that water is cold and will take your breath away! Plus, deep water freaks me out. And so does murky water. I digress. The point is, this year I made myself make it almost the entire way and even went into the "scary" cave that turned out to not be so bad. We even had our picture taken!

Next, we drove on to Tulum. The weather cleared up and we made it there just in time to do a speed round through the ruins before they closed for the day. There were lots of photo ops, the skies were clear, and the humidity was through the roof. We admired the views and the ancient construction, found a rock for Boy Pop (favorite souvenier by the way.), and sweated our asses off. And then we drove home.

Later, we once again went to our sports bar and the gals shopped while the boys watched basketball.

Friday came and it was our last full day. I returned the rental car and Dr Pop and I did a little souvenier hunting. We found a place with WiFi and checked in for our flight home. We came back and had a little pool time and Dr Pop enjoyed one last little bit of volleyball.

Jason and Renee were kind enough to include us in their dinner reservations Friday night, so we joined them for a great meal and then we just hung out. Renee and I played remedial pool and Jason and Dr Pop played ping pong (which may or may not have also been remedial).

And too soon, our time was up and it was time to come home. We had an uneventful flight home, made it through customs no problem, and finally reached our car at the Austin airport. We were actually stoked because we looked at our watches and saw that we'd be home in time for the CBS debut of Elite XC fighting.


My car battery was dead as a doornail! It took 30 minutes, countless phone calls to security, and a good samaritan to give us a jump. We sped home, I picked up the dog, and we watched the remainder of the fighting. Great fights, by the way!

And so ends our Mexico saga of 2008. Bookended by totally preventable drama this year, our trip was one for the books. We cannot wait to go back.

Maybe I'll talk Dr Pop into humoring me into more of these gratuitous PDA photos he hates. :)

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