Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loving the Springtime Weather!*

*Except for today. Today is rain day. Nasty, stormy, rain day. Necessary rain, yes. But... Booooooo!

I don't know why the term "Spring Cleaning" was coined, but it was certainly appropriate this past Sunday.

After we enjoyed the beautiful Austin weather on Saturday by eating at an old favorite, then running an errand that put us in the direct path of a multitude of hippies, we headed home and relaxed for the remainder of the daylight hours. Later that night, we watched what was quite possibly one of the best fights I've seen in a very long time on PPV.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, so we took the opportunity to go look for some shorts for the Boy, some flowers for the yard, and some groceries for all of us. We came up empty on the shorts and flowers, but did get some food, so, YAY us!

The remainder of Sunday was spent cleaning up and cleaning out, both inside and outside. My "workout" on Sunday was more of the "shovel a winter's worth of dog poop out of the backyard" variety. I cleaned out Boy Pop's closet and dug out some shorts and pants that still fit until we could replace them while Dr Pop power washed the back windows. I did laundry while Dr Pop cleaned the back porch. I cleaned out the cat litter, dusted, and vacuumed while Dr Pop killed fire ant mounds and fertilized the grass.

It was a good, accomplished day. I think the best part of the day, though, was how well we all worked together. Even Boy Pop pitched in as best he could. Well that, and the giant frozen screwdriver I made to quench my thirst as I worked. It's much more fun to clean with a good buzz!

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Violet said...

I love those days! Good for you!