Monday, March 17, 2008

How We Spent Our Friday Night

This past Friday, as we were headed home from the gym, I looked down the road and saw a ferris wheel. Well, that could only mean one thing! The local death trap run by men who smell like whiskey, err CARNIVAL was in town!

We went home, had dinner, took fast showers (to wash the work out smell off), and took off for what would end up being one of the most fun nights we've had as a family. I've attached some pictures below of the highlights...

First picture of the night, right after we walked in. What really gets me about the above picture is the way my boys are standing. This wasn't posed or planned. They both just naturally stood this way.

This "ride" cost extra. Boy Pop was strapped into a harness, attached to bungee cords. Then, through the use of pulleys and a big bouncer, he flew "higher than Superman!"

Dr Pop "won" Boy Pop a big Scooby Doo by popping balloons with darts. I say "won" because the darts cost $20.

This was Boy Pop's "favorite" ride. The Cobra rollercoaster. Of course, the ferris wheel, obstacle course, giant slide, jumper, house of mirrors, bumper cars, merry go round, and helicopter ride were also his favorites.

First time through the obstacle course. He ended up running through it, going up and down ladders and slides about five times.

When Dr Pop won Boy Pop the Scooby Doo, the nice Carnie gave me a flower.

On the Merry Go 'Round.

I rode the helicopter ride with Boy Pop the first time. I think I broke it because the hydraulics did not work properly and we did not go up in the air.

By the end of the night (and a quick trip to the grocery store), everyone was exhausted, but none moreso than our Boy.

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