Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Confession

For Ms. Sue...

It's confession time again 'round these parts and I'm really, really torn as to what to talk about...

I mean, I could confess that I don't really and truly understand political wives and why their husbands always seem to cheat on them. And do it in the most spectacular and humiliating ways possible.

Or I could confess that I do not see how anyone who chooses a deeply ignorant and hateful "preacher" as the strogest and most powerful influence in their lives should be our next president.

Or maybe I should just confess to the world that Daylight Savings Time is totally and completely kicking my ass. Case in point:

My "normal" work hourse are 7:30AM to 4:30PM Central Time.

This morning, which happened to be a morning where I was in charge of bringing breakfast tacos for the team AND backing someone up, at precisely 7:37AM, Central Daylight Time, my husband hit my arm and said, "It's daylight outside."

I sat straigt up in bed and said, "I'm fucked."

Despite it all, I managed to roll into work at 8:40AM, 24 breakfast tacos in hand, showered, with conditioned hair.

1 comment:

emily said...

both of your links feature guys i can't make sense of.

my boy keeps arguing with me about bed time saying it's not time b/c it's not dark yet. stupid daylight saving.