Friday, January 11, 2008

Thoughts on Marriage

Wow. Just. Wow.


This rivals Dr. Laura in describing the work that is involved in maintaining a marriage and even a happy life. For example: Finding your own hobbies, understand that you cannot change people, life is not a fairy tale, marriage is work, etc.

What I find the most ironic, with this, though, is the fact that Violent Acres has said before that she does not particularly care for Dr. L.

There's another lesson here about how there's something good to learn from everyone, but it takes away from the message of the post... Namely, people need to wipe away the rose-colored film from their glasses and be, well, reasonable in order to maintain a happy and healthy marriage.

Good job, V!

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Sue said...

Well, last time I was at the dentist the hygienist was telling me she was angry with her husband.

So I told her to f**k him.


It kinda makes you less mad.