Monday, January 14, 2008

19 Days Later and Plenty of Random Thoughts

So. 19 days after Christmas and 13 days into the new year and our Christmas decorations are 98% put away. The only thing left is to disassemble the tree and put it away for next year.

I still have not written my thank you notes for Christmas. I feel like a big ole loser because of it, too.

It seems as though everyone around me at work is sick. I'm just glad I got my cortisone shot right before Christmas. I think that is the only thing saving me from all of the Cedar in the air.

I am going to be making a confession post on my workout blog later today.

January is almost half over already. I can't believe it! I need to get off my ass and, as Niecy Nash says on Clean House, get to gettin'!

This was a pretty busy weekend... On Friday, we drove up to my hometown to surprise my mother for her birthday. She was definitely surprised! We drove home Saturday after lunch. I was wiped out and took a long nap. Sunday was a football, laundry, and Christmas clean-up day. Let's not discuss football, shall we?

Happy belated Birthday to my beautiful mother!

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