Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One Way to Cure the Crankiness

As yesterday's post indicated, I was extremely cranky and annoyed most of the day yesterday. But when I got home, something washed over me and my bad day had been left at the office. It was remarkable.

We had to go pick up Boy Pop's official tee ball pictures at the YMCA last night. They are adorable! He has a black eye and it just completely stands out and while I hate that he got one (bumping heads with a classmate on the playground), I can't help but marvel how cute he looked with it! Yeah, I'm weird like that.

After we got home and I got the boy's dinner in the oven, and plenty of lovin' had been applied to the kitten, I decided it was time to tackle the one project that I thought would be the MOST painful out of all my clean out projects... Getting Boy Pop to let go of some of his toys.

And at first, it was difficult. Boy Pop picked out two cars and told me that was it. Seeing as he's four, it was understandable. So I went in and helped. I held up toys and asked him if he wanted to keep or give. While he was still left with more toys than anyone has a right to have, the end result was one that took my breath away! And we got it all done before dinner and Rudolph!

It will be a long road ahead, but we WILL instill in our son a proper sense of caring and appreciation for all he has. I think this was a good start. He's so very proud of himself...

I have several things that can go to one of the various toy drives, but most of these will have to go someplace like Goodwill because they are not new. If you know of some other place that accepts gently used toys, please post it here.

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