Tuesday, December 04, 2007


To the man who makes the sandwiches in the cafeteria:
The reason I do not like my sandwich cut is because you NEVER wipe off the knife. If I'd wanted a tuna salad sandwich, I'd have ordered one. I do not enjoy the remnants of the sandwich of the person before me on my own sandwich. Is it really that hard to get?

To my coworker:
After all the help I give out, when I need some help answering a question, I'd appreciate a non-sarcastic answer. Next time you need a form or a link, don't be shocked when I don't help.

To the Baltimore Ravens:

You played your hearts out last night... For 59 out of 60 minutes... That one minute really got you. And Ray Lewis? You made me cry. Almost. With your tribute to your friend.

To... ARGH... I'm really annoyed right now.

Words and phrases to remember:
Courtesy flush
Turn off the water faucet
.pdf files are impossible to edit so don't make me

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