Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Twinkies and Wine, Jan?"

Sidenote... I love the movie, Grease. Love it. Can quote it by heart, too, along with the classics like: Sixteen Candles, Overboard, Mommie Dearest, Coal Miner's Daughter, Grease 2, Gone With the Wind, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, and Bus Stop. And of course there are more, but my list is getting obnoxious.

So, I'm eating baked Cheetos (bestest of all baked chip products) and drinking a lovely glass of Nickel and Nickel Sori Bricco Merlot, and I'm thinking to myself, "Twinkies and wine, Jan, that's real class." Next up, my performance of "Sandra Dee" as sung by Rizzo. At least until Dr Pop gets back from buying our scratch off lottery tickets. Love those things.

Happy Day Before Independence Day!

Mrs Pop


emily said...

My brain quotes Grease all the time. Particularly Rizzo and Kinicky's lines. Is is strange that Rizzo was always my idol? Everyone always wanted to be Sandy. Not me. Rizzo.

Karly said...

It says right here it is a "dessert wine"

Ellen said...

At first, I wanted to be Sandy, but as I got a little older, I realized that Riz was the way to go...

"There are worse things I could do, than go with a boy or two..."

LOL Karly! ;-)

It's from Bobby in Korea

You're dating a Korean?