Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Proud Moments In Parenting...

Lately, Boy Pop has taken a profound interest in his nether regions…

The other day, he walked out of the bathroom without pants on, sporting, well, wood… He ran out to Dr Pop and said:
Look Daddy! My wee-wee is BIG! And it’s getting BIGGER!

Sunday, while at the pool, I noticed again that Boy Pop’s swim trunks had a suspicious “tent” working the front. I mistakenly told him that he had “a boner.” The Boy proceeded to go back to the pool and very loudly proclaimed to each person he saw:
I have a Boner! I have a Boner!

Monday, he was sitting in my lap with just a t-shirt and underwear on. We were speaking to his grandparents on the phone. He was messing with his underwear and looked at me and said:
Look Mommy! Look! (he'd pulled out his wee-wee from a gap in the leg of his underwear).

Yesterday, while picking Boy Pop up from school, his teacher pulled me aside and told me that while going to the potty, he leaned over the potty, stuck out his rear end, looked back at his teacher and said, with a huge smile on his face:
Beat my ass, Ms. M!

Honestly? I couldn't be more proud...


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emily said...

oh god the "beat my ass" thing got me. that's so funny.