Friday, January 05, 2007

Finally! It worked!

Outside the Texas Hills Winery in Johnson City, TX, December 8th, 2006
Dr Pop would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful New Year. ;-)
Apparently, my digital camera, coupled with this new picture software we are using equal monster-sized pictures that won't upload properly. Ah well. It's all good.
Today is my last official day of vacation (not including the weekend) and I'm a bit sad about it. Just a week ago, I was thinking to myself, "Only a few hours to go and I'll have nine whole days off!" Now I've blasted through six of them and I have no idea what happened to the time!
Oh yeah. I slept in. I spent nearly all of my Christmas money on clothes. CLOTHES! I also reorganized my nightstand, and two different chests of drawers. And, AND!, I reorganized my closet and clothes. Two personal goals achieved!
Happy Friday All!

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