Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I stumbled across a quote today and I started laughing. I won't get into what exactly it said, but I think the person's view on it says a lot more about them than whomever it is they are referencing...

Wikipedia has some great detail about the word and it's origins... Jealousy is summarized as: a feeling of protective resentment towards one who threatens a relationship or value.

I can live with that definition. Using that definition, I can admit to quite a bit of "jealousy" that I've felt.

Personally, I've always believed that "jealousy" referred more to wanting what someone else has. But that's more the definition of the word envy.

I do think that it says a lot about a person if they have to go around telling people that others are "just jealous" of them. We all have to justify our own insecurities. Sometimes, instead of looking at the real reasons why a person might not like you because the truth is too painful to face, we rationalize that, "well that person is just jealous of me." Trust me, that has nothing to do with it...

Personally, I am envious of the way Heidi Klum's body snaps back so perfectly after three pregnancies in three years. I am envious of certain people's abilities and talents, wanting to be able to do the same things (like have the talent and discipline to write a novel, for example).

I am NOT envious of people who have the ability to justify immoral behavior. I am NOT envious of people who are hypocritical, with their words at odds to their deeds. Listen, saying that you are a spiritual person, who believes in God, one who has a strong moral compass is not enough. You have to LIVE YOUR LIFE that way. What is the saying? Oh yes. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

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