Wednesday, December 20, 2006

End of year grievances...

I long for days of courtesy, decency, respect, and common sense!

All human beings deserve respect unless they do something to lose that respect (I can think of several things that would cause that respect to be lost... Sometimes that respect can be earned back, and other times, like, say when you rape or kill someone, that respect deserves to be lost forever). But as we are all human beings with the same basic needs, we are in this life together, regardless of our various beliefs and backgrounds.

What happened to that? The New Testament of the Bible teaches us to love one another. It teaches us to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." So much violence and so much bad behavior is done in the name of Christianity. It's sickening. We Christians get the short end of the stick in the media and in Hollywood because of the extremist few. Just as we cannot blame all Muslims for terrorism, we cannot blame all Christians for the actions of those who bomb abortion clinics, etc.

People, I just long for some basic human compassion and love. That is my dream on a global scale.

On a more personal scale, I long for the days of decency and respect. I long for people to show good manners. I know that it wasn't too long ago that a man would hold a door open for a woman. Now, most of the men (and women, too!), simply are too caught up in the drama of their own minds that they will simply allow someone's foot to be caught in the door as it slams shut on someone who has their hands full. It sucks.

What about respecting relationships? There are women and men out there who have no clue about respecting boundaries. They see nothing wrong with saying inappropriate things to a coworker while their spouse is at home and unsuspecting that their partner is a creep. There are also men and women out there who have zero respect for the relationships of other people. Certain men and certain women target married people for whatever reason. Truly, it sickens me to think about. As a woman, I could NEVER do such a thing to another woman. As a wife, I could never do such a thing to my husband. And yet, I see and hear about it all the time. I'm not saying that all marriages are perfect and I'm not automatically villifying anyone who has been tempted.

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