Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Interesting? Or just massively insecure?

Apparently, there is a new feature over here on blogger that will allow a person to password protect his or her blog. This way, only people approved by the author will be able to read the posts.

This feature has been in use for some time over at the massively popular myspace. I believe that the function of it is to protect all the little pre-teens who tend to share too much information about themselves and then become prey for all the predators who would like to do foul, unmentionable things to them.

Maybe I just view the whole blog thing differently, but I know that anything I post out here can potentially be seen by my friends and family. And while a select few (TWO) know of its existence, I can easily see someone stumble upon it one random day. So I try to not post the embarrassing things. And I don't write things that I don't mean.

The whole idea of password-protecting your writing because you are scared that someone might see it that you haven't approved of is ridiculous. If you are that concerned about it, then maybe you shouldn't be publishing your thoughts on the world wide web at all. Are you afraid that the monstrously mean and funny folks over at trainwrecks might catch wind of some embarrassing moment you've blogged about, thus causing all sorts of unwanted traffic and many unwanted comments? Well, here's a thought... THINK before you type! If you don't say stupid things, then maybe you won't be made fun of... Besides, you always have the option to delete all comments or not allow comments on your blog.

Of course, maybe I just don't "get" it, either. But for me, creating this blog was my way of getting past my personal insecurities about my writing skills and forcing myself to... Write... And publish it...

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