Friday, December 29, 2006

Goals for 2006, Revisited...

Here, I wrote about my goals for 2006. I’d like to go over the results…

1. Improve my overall health and well-being – I believe I made a good start with this one. I started working out regularly and making more healthy eating choices. Things went downhill after Labor Day (okay, after Memorial Day), though and I will definitely keep this as a resolution/goal for 2007.

2. Take more time for myself – I think that I did okay with this one. I think that again, this is going to stay around for 2007.

3. Play more with my family – Ditto.

4. Not take everything so seriously – I did a terrible job at this one!

5. Have more fun – In all, 2006 has been a fun year.

6. Worry less about things not in my control – I’m still working on it.

7. Let it go/ Get over it – See #6

8. Be the person I want to be – See #7

9. Have no regrets – Can’t really say that I have any real regrets about the year.

10. Clean out the junk in my house – Two garage sales helped. I need to do more.

11. Laugh more – Yep. But See #8.

12. Frown less – See #11.

13. Either really make an effort to write or sell all my books about writing – An effort has been made, but not much of one. I think I’ll stick with it a little while longer.

14. Cook dinner more – See #12.

2006 has been quite a full year. It’s had it’s standard ups and downs. My son and I both had surgery within a month of one another. Dr Pop was at his most romantic when he prepared my birthday/anniversary present. We’ve traveled, partied, fought, made up, laughed, loved, yelled, hugged, and kissed. I turned around and my toddler became a boy. I turned around again, and the year was over.

2006 was, indeed, a good year. I’m hoping for the same or better in 2007…

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