Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, it’s over. Just like always, we have over two months of anticipation (Really? Why do they start putting out the decorations BEFORE Halloween???) and then about 30 minutes of gratification, then it’s on to the next thing.

Christmas in the Pop family went about like usual… We drove to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve, went to run errands, went to church, had dinner with my cousins and my entire mom’s side of the family, went to bed, woke up, opened gifts*, had breakfast, visited for a while, got in the car, hauled ass home, unloaded the car, ran to the store before it closed since we had nothing to eat, watched football, opened our gifts to one another**, had a Santa surprise for Little Pop***, and, well, that was it.

Okay, okay, it wasn’t completely it. After Little Pop went to bed, some of our friends came over and we hung out and drank wine until the wee hours. I then had to get up and go to work with a wine hangover.

I’ll put up some pictures soon. The good news is that it is so slow at work that I’ve been able to do some neat updating of the ole bloggeroo.

* Santa, err, Mom and Dad got me some fun Obagi stuff, a pretty sweater, various little things, and money!, plus we got money from my grandmother and aunt and uncle. I love me some money! And my bro got me exactly what I asked for... "Something Juicy, preferably pink."
** Dr Pop surprised the hell out of me!!! I love my new tote bag, honey.
*** Little Pop got a painted wood Lightning McQueen bed. It is so bad ass and we totally surprised him and he loves it and it is awesome and it is a gazillion times better than the plastic version except it doesn't have a mouth on the front but that's okay because the bed is kick ass without it and that's the end of this run-on sentence!

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