Friday, December 29, 2006

Goals and Resolutions for 2007

After reviewing my goals for 2006, it is only fitting to unveil my 2007 plans, eh?

Here goes nothing (please note that some are self-explanatory and some need explanations. I’m a bit too lazy for the explanations. :) )…

In 2007, I will…

1. Spend less money
2. Save more money
3. Exercise regularly
4. Eat healthier foods
5. Keep regular dinner hours
6. Get more sleep
7. Smile more often
8. Play more games with my son
9. Kiss and hug my husband more
10. Kiss and hug my son more
11. Take more pictures
12. Write with significance
13. Take charge of my career
14. Spend more time with my family
15. Argue less
16. Let petty and minor annoyances roll off my back
17. Stick to a budget
18. Stop holding grudges
19. Be the bigger person
20. Make each day matter
21. Not waste so much time
22. Let go and have a good time more often
23. Pay off all of my current credit card debt
24. Read more
25. Clean out the clutter and trash in my home (drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.)
26. Reorganize my home (move the office, decorate Little Pop's room, create an upstairs playroom, create an extra sleeping area for guests)

In 2007, I will NOT

1. Waste so many minutes
2. Spend money so wantonly
3. Cook so many frozen dinners
4. Just talk about being healthy
5. Just talk about writing
6. Ignore the needs of my husband and child
7. Eat so much from the vending machine at the office
8. Allow strangers to dictate my mood (unless their total useless suckage affects me in a negative way)
9. Allow the neatness of my home affect my mood (seriously, who cares if there are dishes in the sink??)
10. Worry so much
11. Take things so seriously
12. Regret a moment
13. Live in the past
14. Frown so much
15. Ignore my own health
16. Put off medical visits to the dentist and other doctors
17. Put off quitting my worst habit
18. Make excuses

I know that I have more things to list out, but this is pretty much all I could come up with for the moment. :)

Happy New Year everyone!

*Edited 12.31.2006 because I forgot some stuff!

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Violet said...

Wow! I love your resolutions. I should add "hug and kiss J more often" to my list of resolutions. Best of luck! You can do it!