Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Misuse of hyperbole?

One of the last lines in my post yesterday was this:

Finally getting it through my head that the stupid little twits I sometimes come across are not worth my time or energy. Neither are those who are two-faced, hypocritical, backstabbing, rude, lying little whores. I simply don’t need the drama or the headaches. That includes YOU, you stupid Aggie fans who feel the need to rub in last Friday’s loss.

For the record, I have run across my fair share of the following types of people this year:
Stupid little twits
Rude people (I mean, Hello? Some asshat got out of his car to yell at me at a stoplight AND an Albertson's employee called me a bitch to my face!)
And whores

The whores I've come across have not actually been liars, though. In fact, for the most part, they were nice enough, just not real bright.

**EDIT** By "whore" I mean basically anyone out there who is attention-whoring as well as the sluts. I'm not speaking of anyone in particular here, just random things I've come across this year. If I were speaking of someone in particular, I would have said "The" whore or "The" slut. So there ya go.

Oh, and Aggie fans have always been in a "class" by themselves. ;-)

No single event prompted my little hyperbolic outburst, other than the realization that perhaps, just maybe that I seem to be the common denominator out of all my little rantings about the above-types of people, so it could be possible, maybe, that I may be part of the problem.


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