Thursday, November 30, 2006

Did y'all notice the two turtledoves?

And it only took me two nights! Well, two years and two nights...
The above photo was taken using the lovely camera phone of Dr Pop's BlackJack. Gawd, that phone is so cool!

In the picture above you will see twelve completely painted salt dough ornaments. Two years ago, I thought it would be really cool to make some of these for Little Pop since my mother had made some for me once upon a time. I made the dough, rolled it out, used my cookie cutters (some of which are way older than me) and cut out "cookies" and baked them. As they were cooling, I went to Michael's and purchased paint brushes and acrylic paint. I was ready to go. Of course, something came up and I ended up putting the ornaments in a zip lock bag and storing ALL of it in my pantry. Every now and then over the past couple of years, Dr Pop would pull them down and ask me what they were and if he could throw them out. I always said "no." I'm glad I did. While there are only 12 completed ornaments out of the perhaps two and a half dozen or so total, I am so glad I finally finished some of these. I may have a touch of the craft-y after all.


emily said...

Those are cute and you'll always remember making them...over a two year time span.

Ellen said...

Thanks! Yes, I will definitely remember making these. I still don't have my tree up, but I plan to use them.