Thursday, June 15, 2006


You’d think that taking a much-needed week to go to Mexico and lay on the beach or at the pool would be just what my maxed-out batteries needed to come back refreshed and energized and ready to buckle down. After all, I’d been on a complete laziness spiral and really just hadn’t been “in the groove” at work. So you’d think that the vacation would do the trick. And you’d be wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

I. Am. Exhausted! There. I said it. I am suffering from “Idontgiveashititis” here at the office and “whocareswhatthehouselookslikeorifthelaundryisdoneatosis” at home. But, like all things, I know it will pass. I’ll have a big win at work and start buckling down hard, and I’ll have an AHA! moment at home and start clearing out junk like the devil is chasing me. It will happen. But right now, can I just please go back to sleep?

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