Friday, June 30, 2006

4th of July Weekend

Five years ago today, I was sitting in my garage apartment in central Austin, feeling sorry for myself and surfing the internet. One of my friends who knew I’d been going through a rough time invited me to a pre-4th of July party at one of her friend’s houses. Having nothing else to do on a Saturday night, I decided to go with her. Besides, she had three eligible bachelors lined up for me to meet and hopefully start dating.

I arrived at the party carrying my own koozie depicting dogs playing poker (don’t know why that detail is important, but it is to me as I hate to freeze my hand off while holding a beer that has just left it’s home in a pool of ice) and a 12-pack of Bud Light. I had a great time at the party, laughed at the firework display, ate good food, and flirted my tipsy ass off. The bachelors (none of whom were my type at all, by the way, but I still didn’t care for the disinterest) all decided to leave and didn’t really buy into my flirtatious act (I’m not very good at it). Afterwards, I went and sat on the back porch and came down off my happy little bubble. The next thing I knew, this guy that I’d met a couple of times at a local bar walked up. My friend had introduced us there so we already knew each other. He sat down and we started talking. I had the best time with him. We talked about travel and life and work (or lack thereof) and all sorts of things. Time flew by. I ended up giving him my number (programming it into his cell phone) with his promise to call sometime.

I went home happy. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t with this guy. I just hung out and talked. Just his presence made me feel really good. I sparkled a little on the inside from the latter part of that night. I can still remember the scenes of that night in my head clearly… The red brick patio, the coolers, lots of lawn chairs scattered around the lawn in the front and back yards, loads of people watching the owner of the house run back and forth lighting fireworks, watching the burned-out fireworks land on people’s roofs, the “aha” moment when I looked up and saw him.

The next night, he called and asked me out to dinner. It was late and I really didn’t want to make such a mistake as being “too available” but I said yes. He picked me up and took me out and we haven’t been apart since.

I know that this isn’t an officially-recognized anniversary date, but to me, the 4th of July weekend (starting on June 30th) will always hold a special place in my heart. That is the weekend I met the man who would change my life, help me grow up, push me beyond my limits, teach me how to relax, love me, create a son with me, marry me, and go through hell and back with me.

I love you!

Happy 4th of July weekend! :)

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