Monday, August 29, 2005

Random Thoughts

So I had a weekend full of shopping... A first in a long time. Got lots of work clothes and was able to spend two hours at Wal-Mart without the little munchkin for the first time in ages. Thank heavens for grandparents! ;)

The sad news is that because of all that spending, we decided against a big night on the town. I'm not quite sure which I needed more, socializing or shopping. Probably shopping as I'm wearing a new pair of pants to work today.

Ugh! My message light on my phone at work will not go off even though I have zero messages! It's annoying.

I was looking through my purse today and I'm somewhat embarrassed by its contents:
  • wallet
  • makeup bag (with an entire face worth's of makeup)
  • my husband's eye drops
  • my husband's sunglass case
  • my cheap sunglasses from Mexico
  • 4 receipts
  • 4 pens
  • a hair clip
  • a hair brush
  • an almost empty pack of gum
  • my cell phone
  • a book of matches
  • a grocery list
  • my son's lunch schedule for the week
  • a new book of checks (I don't know where my old checkbook is, though)
  • my work badge
  • a bottle of diet coke (closed, of course)
  • a baggie with tea bags in it
  • random loose change and dollar bills

Scary. No wonder it's so heavy!

The pictures of the hurricane and the people stuck along the Gulf Coast are so sad. I wish that everyone had the means to evacuate and not have to deal with such devastation!

Lipton Cold Brew is really good! Especially when "brewed" in my 54 ounce BubbaKeg. The folks on my row are envious, I know. (No, not really).

Football season has officially begun and I cannot wait for the home opener next weekend of my beloved Longhorns! It's tailgaitin' time!!! Yee-Haw!!!!!!

My son finally knows to say "Hook 'em Horns" and hold up his fingers in a little hook-em sign whenever he sees a longhorn symbol. Pretty darn cool.

It's time to go home.

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emily said...

Hey Ellen- He loves to climb into his sisters regular size bed, and it bugs her. We have a toddler bed from when she was younger, so I figured I'd bring it up to his room just so he could play on it, and get used to it. I thought one day he'd want to sleep in it. Well the one day was yesterday, the first night. He played a bit before bed and then climbed in and conked out. I was amazed. He did wake up confused about 3 this morning. And he got up at dawn. For his nap today he slept in his crib. He didn't climb out of his crib ever, so I didn't think he was ready. But he's suprising. Sorry for the super long post.