Thursday, May 12, 2005


It's that time again... Time for the closed-toe flats and boots to be put away for the season... Time for the foot to bare itself again. That's right, it's May. Time for warm weather, short skirts, skimpy bikinis, and skimpier shoes.

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing women's ugly feet in sandals. Sloppy pedicures, dry skin, grown over cuticles, huge rough patches covering the soles of the feet. In my book, that spells laziness.

C'mon people, this is the time to show off one of the most famous (or is it infamous?) erogenous zones! No one likes nasty feet. If you can't show enough initiative to exfoliate and make sure your toes look nice, then you might as well cover them up all the time. Believe me, no one wants to see your skanky, ugly, nasty feet!

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