Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaner just arrived to steam clean away 18 months of people and pet dirt on my carpet. His estimate grew a bit as he saw all the stains that seem to come automatically with a toddler, dog, and two cats (not to mention two somewhat clumsy adults!). He's working right now, removing all evidence that this carpet has indeed been lived on for the past year and a half and it got me to thinking... Why can't we have a carpet cleaner for our lives?

Think about it. Someone out there who erases your past mistakes for you. Wouldn't that just be the coolest thing ever? I think so. I have a laundry list of things I would love to erase from the memories of everyone. I could erase words said in anger and frustration. I could erase deeds done out of desperation. I could erase every "bad" thing that's happened in my life and never again have to recall the pain or embarrassment.

Then again, our mistakes are what mold us and shape us into the people we are today. Without those past blunders, we would not be able to make decisions based on experience. And you know what they say, "Good judgment comes from experience and experience, well, that comes from bad judgment." So on second thought, I do not want to forget (or have everyone else forget) my blunders. It's the blunders in life that make us human. It's how we deal with those messes we choose to make for ourselves that defines our character.

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