Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day?

Ahhh... Nothing sets the stage for a really lousy day better than dealing with projectile vomit all over one's vehicle. Lovely. I spent the majority of this romance-intended day following my toddler around the house with a towel, mopping up vomit. Luckily, he refused to eat anything but crackers, so it wasn't as bad as it could be, but... Definitely put a cramp in my plans for romance.

Here's how my day had been planned:

Shop for a sexy little slip of a dress.
Get a manicure.
Take a long bubble bath to relax.
Prepare for my "date" with my hubby.
Drop the boy off at Grandma's.
Go to a nice dinner at Louis' 106.

Here's how it worked out:

Get in the car and travel 5 miles.
Clean up vomit as best I can.
Take boy home and rinse him off and change his clothes.
Clean up vomit on kitchen floor.
Rinse off boy and change his clothes again.
Clean up vomit on carpet.
Change boy's diaper and clothes.
Change diaper again.
Say the hell with it and let him go around in only a diaper.
Wash clothes.
Clean up vomit.
You get the idea...

So we canceled our reservations, took care of our sick boy, and ordered EatOutIn. You know, it really didn't turn out so bad after all... ;-) Plus, the vomiting went away sometime late yesterday and hasn't returned and the boy is back to normal again.

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