Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of 2010!

I was going to create some long-winded blog post summarizing all I've done this year. It would be a long post.

I could talk about Vegas in January and picking up the wrong suitcase at the airport and how it could have been a disaster, but it all worked out well.

I could talk about a ski-trip from hell over my birthday and anniversary in Colorado, but how it all worked out well in the end and for the life of me, I'm choosing to remember ice skating and fabulous birthday and anniversary dinners and skiing with my husband, son, mother, and father and nothing that was negative.

I could talk about doing P90X and my newfound resentment of Tony Horton (Were it not for the results, I'd have quit).

I could talk about the explosion of my culinary skills and how I'm cooking dinner regularly (like at least 5 nights per week), and how it is a big step for me.

Or, I could talk about how my picky-eater son is eating most of these meals, too, and not requiring a separate meal most nights.

I could go on and on about baseball and kindergarten and first grade and tae kwon do and all the things that my boy has done.

I could talk about Mexico and zip lining in a rainforest.

I could talk about a second ski trip that wasn't from hell and makes me want to move to Beaver Creek, Colorado and live there in that winter wonderland forever and ever.

I won't talk about my completion or success of this year's New Year's Resolutions. I don't even remember what they all were!

I could tell you about going to see UFC live and in person and meeting some of the TV guys.

I could tell you about going to see Tool and how it was a crazy concert experience.

I could tell you about the night I went to see Daniel Tosh and how it was absolutely hilarious.

I could tell you lots of things (Oops! Just did!) about my year.

But as I sit here and type, the only thing I can think of is the fact that what made every single moment of 2010 worthwhile and what made the travel, the events, the dinners, the working out, the EVERYTHING special and worth doing is that I did these things with my family and friends.

It's the people in our lives that make both the exciting and the mundane experiences special and something to write about.

I leave 2010 with few regrets and I'm ready to take on everything 2011 has to offer.

Happy New Year!

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