Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I'm big on this season.

I love decorating and shopping and baking and singing and church and the general and overall feeling of peace, love, and happiness that occurs during the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday, our tree went up. It isn't decorated yet and nothing is down from the attic, but the tree is up. And it's beautiful.

I have this "thing" about decorating for holidays. I don't like to put out decorations when the house is cluttered. It bugs me. And after the weekend we just had, our house is CLUTTERED. Hoo-boy! Boy Pop's toys are scattered to every corner, his room still isn't completely decorated after the move, his old room is a disaster, as is the guest room.

Clutter stresses me out. Big time. So this afternoon, I really hope to join forces with my boy and get his toys put away, the laundry done, and the clutter cleared up somewhat. I want there to be plenty of room for what is about to come down from the attic.

Folks, Christmas is about to explode all over my house!

I can't wait!

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