Friday, November 12, 2010

Writing With the Sole Purpose of Freaking Myself Out...

  • 13 days until Thanksgiving
  • 29 days until we go skiing for a week
  • 43 days until Christmas

I pretty much finalized my Thanksgiving menu this morning. Debating adding another meat to the menu, but other than that? Done.

The Boy's ski clothes are purchased, but the pants need altering in the waist because he's so darn skinny. I wish I was so darn skinny.

Two Christmas gifts have been purchased for the Boy. And hidden. Unwrapped.

We've decided upon the type of Christmas Card we will be sending out, but have not yet ordered them. It's on the agenda for this evening.

Our ski things are currently in bins stacked in my guest room. My guest room that is also currently stacked with bins full of office supplies. My guest room that is supposed to house my parents in 11 days.

We have two birthday parties tomorrow, and I'm re-gifting one gift (Boy Pop got it for his birthday, but it was something he already had - Don't Judge Me!) and need to buy another.

The warm and fuzzy glow of the end of Daylight Savings Time has worn off. It's so nice to go to school and work in daylight, but I'm not going to bed any earlier, so the amount of sleep I'm getting is the same.

I signed on to work during our company's Christmas holiday week, and the week after. I get paid double for the one week and get a "free" week during January for my efforts. But that makes for a LONG stretch without a break. The money is definitely worth it, I think. Ask me on December 27th when I'm resentful of those people who are not working. And then remind me that I made the choice.

Every November I stock up on Thanksgiving-themed magazines solely for the recipes. Every Thanksgiving, I end up making mostly the same things. But the pictures sure are pretty!

I didn't mean to blow off NaBloPoMo this year... In fact, I truly and honestly meant to participate. Just like I "meant" to work out every day this week, I "meant" to stick to a carb-free diet this week, I "meant" to organize the remaining crap in the guest bedroom this week, and I "meant" to set up an appointment to take my dog to the groomer this week. I have lots of good intentions, don't I? What is it they say? It's the thought that counts, right?

Oh, and next Wednesday, we are having our carpet pulled out of the dining room and tile installed. The damned cats will have to find a new place to pee (because they couldn't possibly be bothered going in their actual litter box, now could they?). I hope and pray that the tile comes in on time so that we can get this project done before Thanksgiving.

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