Monday, November 08, 2010

High Energy = Positive Attitude

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. ~~ Clairee Belcher

Today, I did the unthinkable. I put on an obnoxious statement necklace to dress up my jeans/t-shirt/cardigan combo. It is obviously unimaginable that I do this because one of my gal pals at the office even exclaimed over it and the fact that I was wearing it (It's a cute necklace, but I'm not much of a big jewelry person).

A decade ago, you would never have seen me without perfectly manicured nails, perfectly done hair, and a perfectly accessorized outfit. I dressed up for work, I dressed up to go out, and even my laze around the house clothes were cute.

Six years ago, it would have been unthinkable to me to not take excellent care of my skin. I used the Obagi system, complete with Retin-A religiously.

Six months ago, you would have been amazed at my dedication to P90X. I worked out hard, I ate right (mostly), and I took pride in my fitness and my hot, toned arms and abs.

I don't know when, exactly, my level of apathy for all of the above truly set in. I have tons of excuses that include exhaustion, lack of time, and a "why bother?" attitude.

Something clicked in me yesterday, though. I bought some vitamins at the grocery store. I had my family fed and the dishes done, and Boy Pop showered and ready for bed all before 8PM. I was full of energy due to the time change and had a little spare time before it was time to make Boy Pop go to bed. I took a look at my nails (broken, split, jagged) and decided they needed some help. So I gave myself a manicure. I looked at my face and prepped it for PM Obagi. I sorted through my jewelry box and found some pieces I hadn't worn in forever.

Today I started a new eating plan that I will use in conjuction with the 30-day-shred DVD to prepare for my December ski trip.

It isn't much, and these are all things I should have been doing anyway, but these little things feel good.

This morning was the first morning I not only woke up before my alarm, but actually got out of bed before it went off that I can recall.

Maybe it is the time change. Maybe it is the vitamin I took last night. Maybe it is the weather. Maybe it is the fire engine red nail polish on my fingertips. I'm not sure. But I feel energized and happy. And separated from the animals.

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