Monday, October 04, 2010


I got my mid-year review at work on Friday. Mostly, it was a bunch of blah, blah, metrics, blah. I did, however, get a giggle over my manager's comments:

"E is a very vocal member of the team and is always willing to help fellow teammates. She has been instrumental in driving team morale as the unofficial birthday organizer on the team. She also is quick to share any best practices that she learns.Over the next half, I would like to see continued development towards her career goals and development of her IDP. From a metrics perspective, I would like to see growth in blah, blah, and blah attach rates."

Yes, I am probably that person who says exactly what you are thinking. I need to put that in check. About the only thing I take rather seriously these days is my unofficial birthday organizer role. I think everyone needs a mention on their birthday and I try very hard to make sure we celebrate in some way, shape, or form. To that end, gotta run! Time for cupcakes!

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