Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moving Day

Seven years ago, today, on Boy Pop's fifth day of being alive, the movers came to move all of our "stuff" to our new home.
We were probably insane to schedule a move so close to my due date. So much went on during those first two weeks of my baby's life. Dr Pop took those two weeks off work and instead of spending it enjoying those first new days of parenthood, he spent it making approximately 2,793 trips back and forth between our two homes (Note to self, never allow me to schedule movers and approximate how many boxes we will need. I ALWAYS underestimate it!).
To say that the first days of parenthood are stressful is like saying an Indy car goes fast. It's an understatement. To add a major move to the mix was like throwing a bomb on top of a lit case of dynamite.
And we survived. Lots of "sevens" passed us by this year... Seventh wedding anniversary, seventh birthday, seventh year in our home. And now we are doing something we should have done seven years ago, but in our sleep-deprived and stressed out states, we did not. We are moving Boy Pop into my office, moving my office into the downstairs study that is currently his playroom, turning his old bedroom into a guest room, and making the upstairs living room into his "official" playroom.
This mini-move has been a big challenge. As the chief "organizer" I have volunteered for the task of cleaning out, clearing out, and getting things ready. Over the past few days, I've sorted through seven years of accumulated "art," papers, bills, receipts, cables, cords, pictures, boxes, etc. I've remembered details of our lives. I've thrown away bags upon bags of trash. I've made deposits at both Goodwill and storage. While Dr Pop was away for work, I completely tore up three rooms of our house and did not allow him to come home to a peaceful and neat house. He came home to chaos.
But I do know where everything is supposed to end up. So there's that.
One thing has remained constant over the past seven years... We are still sometimes insane.
*Sidenote regarding the above photo... This stop sign is about .6 miles away from our house and on the way to the school. Right after I was given the "all clear" to start exercising after his birth, I would put BP in his stroller and walk toward this stop sign. It took quite some time before I could make it here and back. I was out of shape. I could not imagine back then that I would be in the shape I'm in today to be able to walk/run behind my boy as he goes to school.

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